How I Started Shooting Timelapse

As many would be able to tell, I am quite a big fan of timelapse; both viewing it and shooting it. I have been interested in timelapse photography ever since I was a small child, seeing the timelapse of the flower opening is what started my interest. As a child I was also very fond […]

Project 30

Project 30 is a photography project where you take one photo everyday for 30 days. I will be putting my own spin on this by essentially doing a 4 week project, where each week of photos is dedicated to a certain kind of photography. Starting off, these are the four categories of photography that I […]

Elämä – Update 9-12-13 (Pictures)

School started back up and its time to get the ball rolling on Elämä once again. This past Tuesday the class presented their projects, including myself. I was able to show four of the 31 timelapses that are usable from the week long trip (personally I think they turned out pretty good), as well as […]