Markdown on Windows + Some Thoughts

I recently downloaded MarkdownPad 2 on my Dell E6400, I have spent some time getting accustomed to its interface which honestly did not take very long at all. MarkdownPad 2 is a freemium program (costing just $14.95 for the full version, named MarkdownPad Pro) that was created by Evan Wondrasek, and in my opinion is probably one of the best Markdown programs available for Windows out there.

Mou, my markdown editor of choice (because I typically use a Mac), in my opinion is slightly better than this program as the typeface in Mou looks significantly more crisp and easier to read, and overall it just looks more appealing, oh well, relatively petty qualms. MarkdownPad 2 was really the only option for writing using Markdown on a Windows PC that doesn’t require some crazy python install or anything like that.

One plus that this program has over Mou is the presence of a toolbar that possesses buttons to add Markdown syntax/formatting to one’s writing. Although I generally remember the syntax, sometimes the use of a button is just quicker and easier depending on the amount of text that needs formatting. Another thing to note is the MarkdownPad 2 allows you to have multiple files open under separate tabs, this is not a feature that is present in Mou, though I honestly don’t know how much I’ll actually fully utilize this feature.

When it comes to MarkdownPad Pro, you get a few welcomed bonuses, such as the ability to export a PDF (NOTE: This is a native feature in Mou), auto-save, an image uploader (honestly one of my favorite features), automatic updates, and so on. (You can see the full list of differences here).

Overall, Markdown has honestly become an indispensable way of writing and formatting for me. I was incredibly skeptical at first, and thought to myself why such a system was necessary. But then I realized how much I hate writing in Word or Pages, and how much I hate writing with a WYSIWYG editor on WordPress – and thus I see the error of my ways. Markdown allows me to write freely, it is a relatively minimalist method of writing and once you learn the syntax you can just hammer out the good stuff.

Thank you for reading!

If you would like to download MarkdownPad 2 or Mou, please visit the following: Mou | MarkdownPad 2

NOTE: This post was written in MarkdownPad 2

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