I’m Alive + Some explanation for my absence

It has been about 2 years since I last posted something on this blog, and the simple reason is just because lack of motivation to come up with content that actually serves a purpose and can be informative. Aside from that it has been a lack of time, as I started working in the IT Industry in August of 2014. From the moment I started working in IT I began to focus on that, I set everything else aside: photography, cinematography, all my side passions and hobbies. I have to say, it sucked. I didn’t like giving up on everything I loved to do, hell I spent a lot of time and money on a Bachelors degree for something I was passionate about and I’m not even doing that for a living… But that’s typical of societal norms, right?

Part of the reason why I set those things aside so easily was because I tried so hard to put myself out there, combing through thousands of job postings and filling out hundreds of applications all for nothing. I received the occasional email, “Thank you for your application, but at this time we unfortunately cannot take it any further.” Nothing is more disheartening than that. Something you worked so hard on for so long just to get shot down. I tried for months to find work in the field that I loved working in, but nothing came of it.

At the beginning of August is when my IT path took its footing. I was working on an state election, you know where you hand out ballots or pull people up in the database on the computer. Well there was a woman also working that election, who later turned out to be the retired Executive Vice-President for a credit union. A couple weeks went by and she called me and told me that she was impressed by me, and that she knew I was looking for a job. She explained that the credit union she used to work for was looking for a computer operator (part sysadmin, part backoffice processing job) and they were unable to find a suitable employee to fill in that job so they had to look outside of the credit union. I sent my resume and cover letter to the CEO and Executive Vice-President, and a week later I had an interview, and three days later I started working there.

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