How I Started Shooting Timelapse

As many would be able to tell, I am quite a big fan of timelapse; both viewing it and shooting it. I have been interested in timelapse photography ever since I was a small child, seeing the timelapse of the flower opening is what started my interest. As a child I was also very fond of cameras and photography, which led me to start collecting cameras.

Moving ahead a lot, now I am making a timelapse film for my senior thesis project at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI. It features timelapses that I have shot from all over the place in Michigan, which I shot over the summer in 2013. This project is actually the second timelapse project that I have/will be making. The first was a video called Day of Light, which was made for a project in one of my classes. Day of Light was shot mostly in downriver Michigan, with the exception of maybe 3 or 4 shots. It has been featured in multiple film festivals, including the Windsor International Film Festival, the Young Michigan Filmmaker Festival, and the International Broke Student Film Festival where it earned the award for Best Cinematography. My thesis project is almost coming to a close as May fast approaches, and I am excited to finish the project and see what I come up with in the end.

The reason why I have such a deep interest in timelapse photography is because it allows you to see the world in a whole other way. It gives people the opportunity to give attention to the everyday occurrences that they might take for granted, or not have the time to fully appreciate. This is, in a way, the same reason why I like slow motion video, but to be able to highlight the quick little moments in life that people tend not to pay attention to.

Curious about how to shoot timelapse photography? I will be putting up a blog post next week in regards to the equipment that I use, camera settings, post-production workflow, etc.

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