Elämä Day Two

Day two is technically over now, we’re wrapping it up with a timelapse of Mackinac bridge which is being shot with the D5100. (Read to the end to see some photos from throughout the day)

Today was an awesome day with the exception of the first few locations. The first few locations were not at all what I expected, so we wound up skipping them. We eventually made it to Tawas Point lighthouse where the first timelapse of the day/trip was shot. We then went up to Sturgeon Point Lighthouse in Harrisville.

We stopped at a few other locations, one of which was Alpena, where we shot two timelapses of a channel. we had to take a trip to walmart after because I got a hard drive error on my 3TB external, so I bought a second 3TB external to serve as a redundant drive to backup all of the timelapses. It then proceeded to pour down rain for about an hour.

Eventually we made our way to Rogers City which had a beautiful beach area where we shot another two timelapses. We made it up to Cheboygen where we ate a wonderful pizza hut dinner. Now here I sit on a beach in Mackinac City with my father beside me with the wind whipping past us.








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