Elämä Day One


Before starting, I’d like to explain what Elämä is. Elämä is the title of my senior film, which consists of timelapse and slow motion cinematography. Elämä will be released sometime in May of 2014. I’m currently on the first shoot for my film which will last for about a week and going to about 28 locations to shoot timelapse. There, that is a sufficient introduction.

Day One of the first Elämä shoot is complete. We (my father and I) are currently in Au Gres, Michigan, sleeping in our car in some random parking lot. I’m not going to lie, it is quite hot in here.

But anyway, we’re waking up at 5:00am EDT to go to Gravelly Shoal Lighthouse to shoot a bramped sunrise timelapse, which will officially be the first timelapse shot for Elämä.

It is going to be a long, fun, inspiring trip. Here’s to hoping everything goes smoothly.

Keep checking back for my updates!

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