I have finally completed my thesis film, Elämä, and it is now available for viewing. The 4K version of the film is currently being uploaded to YouTube, and will be added to this post when it is completed.

Senior Project – Current Progress

Things are picking up now with my senior project. I have a 1080p work reel that I’ve been editing just so I can get a feel for the final timing and length of the timelapses and start figuring out the overall pacing of the film. I have started thinking about the music as well, just […]

Independent Study – Mini-Documentaries (Portraits)

I have begun my independent study at CCS in which I will be producing two mini-documentaries, or more accurately named, portrait pieces. Here is my project proposal: I am proposing to make two mini-documentaries, what would essentially be considered portraits, of people that I find to have an interesting story in a subject area that […]

Senior Project – Plans

My final semester at CCS has begun, and with that I much start on the editing of my senior film and do any remaining shooting that I feel needs to be done. The first thing about my film that I would like to note is that I will be changing the title of the film […]