I’m Alive + Some explanation for my absence

It has been about 2 years since I last posted something on this blog, and the simple reason is just because lack of motivation to come up with content that actually serves a purpose and can be informative. Aside from that it has been a lack of time, as I started working in the IT […]


Astrophotography: A How-To

Recently a couple of people have asked me to show them how I shoot astrophotography, so I decided that I would write a blog post explaining how I shoot my astrophotos. Gear You will need, at a bare minimum, the following gear: DSLR (DSLR is preferred as the larger the sensor, the better the image […]



I have finally completed my thesis film, Elämä, and it is now available for viewing. The 4K version of the film is currently being uploaded to YouTube, and will be added to this post when it is completed.