Updated Workstation Build

I’ve changed my build slightly, I’ve changed from the GTX Titan back down to the GTX 780 since the 780s went down quite a bit in price. I’ve removed the peripherals because I have temporary ones that can be used until I can purchase the better ones. This is essentially what I’m building down to […]

Elämä – Update (10-22-13) and Misc

Things are moving along slowly but surely. I have right around half of the timelapses I shot over the summer ready for post, and I’m planning to shoot some more in the coming weeks. I’ll be able to buy some of the parts needed for my workstation computer soon, I should be able to spend […]

Checking In (10-8-13)

Haven’t posted anything for a bit because I’ve been pretty busy lately with school and a job I’m doing. But I can’t sleep so why not post something now, right? Anyway. All I know is that I’ve never wanted to make things as much as I do this semester, really looking forward to future projects […]